Premium Super Negin Saffron
Premium Super Negin Saffron
Premium Super Negin Saffron

Premium Super Negin Saffron

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  • Persian Saffron Threads (3grams)
  • Grade A| Super Negin Threads | Highest quality saffron in the world
  • Organically Cultivate, Harvested by hand and Traditionally dried
  • Rich taste, vibrant color, and luxurious aroma
  • Stored in a gold tin for a long lasting flavor and scent
  • 100% Natural with no artificial dyes or flavors |
  • Lab tested and FDA approved
  • RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS | Fights free-radicals, Boosts mood, Promotes skin cell turnover


Afghanistan | Nobilität partners with the best saffron farm to ensure our customers receive the highest quality product

Commonly used for:

Cooking (Persian rice, Paella, Risotto, etc.), Tea, Cold Beverages, Desserts

Health benefits:

Rich in: Carotenoids, Crocin, Safranal, Picocrocin

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