About Us

About us

Founded in 2020, NOBILITÄT is a Women-Owned business that specializes in sourcing farm-direct organic food products from around the world. Growing up in a family of traders and getting to see firsthand how much work local farmers and business owners put into their work with such pride and dedication, inspired us to create our own brand.

NOBILITÄT meaning “noble” in German has been a brand in the making by incorporating the highest quality goods. It is said that you truly experience another culture through food and we couldn’t agree more. Through all the years of traveling and experiencing different cultures, we want our consumers to experience and be taken back to the source of the product with the first taste. We pride ourselves in sourcing directly from farmers and bringing the product straight to our consumers in their purest form, guaranteeing the freshness.

Product assortment

NOBILITÄT Organic Japanese Ceremonial Grade matcha comes directly from Uji, Japan. We work with a dedicated farm who cultivates matcha leaves of the highest quality. The matcha leaves are organically cultivated, shade grown, handpicked, stone ground and packed in the farm, before being shipped to the USA. This method of sourcing guarantees the purity and optimum quality of our product.

NOBILITÄT Saffron comes directly from Afghanistan, where the saffron threads are cultivated, and handpicked by the Afghan women working in the saffron fields. The saffron stigmas are traditionally dried and carefully packed by hand to ensure the delicate threads stay intact before being shipped directly to the USA. The aroma enchants you upon opening the tin.

At NOBILITÄT we put our love and dedication to meticulously sourcing every product to ensure our customers acquire a unique experience with every taste. Our objective is that no matter where in the world you are, trying a NOBILITÄT product will automatically make you feel like you’re in a magical place giving you the full experience and flavor.

Our mission

Passionate about nutrition, our aim is to create a platform based on facts. Our goal is to expand our product assortment in the coming years with the best quality of teas and spices from around the world.


At NOBILITÄT, we hope to create a safe community where our customers trust us and can count on our product. The Food industry is filled with false health claims and grand promises through baseless marketing campaigns. We wish to bring a fresh message to the customers by a brand that has pure and natural products that speak for themselves. Our campaign is the goodness of our products.